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Yes, I suppose you would sayYes, I suppose you would say that I, an astronomer, am hung up on astronomy. But certainly understand that what humans have come to call winter, spring, summer, and fall has been occurring for billions of years before humans roamed this rock, and certainly before the words to describe the weather changes that occur after that position in space has been reached. Remember that it takes time for Earth to absorob the more direct sunlight, so the weather patterns, bloomings, and animal behaviors take some time to occur as well. It is simply silly and childish to suggest that "spring" occurs at a different moment for every individual organism, and for each individual region. Clearly the flowers have not stopped blooming in Florida, so when does spring start for them? And yes, I am absolutely hung up on astronomy. It is the most enriching, and beautiful field of study that can be taken on. I certainly hope for all of you that you can look up into the night sky, and appreciate the majestic beauty, vastness, and immensity of it.

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