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Nay, the dark birds are asNay, the dark birds are as beautiful as canaries. They signal nothing evil nor ominous nor pestilential... that is Hollywood and rumor. Ravens and Crows in particular are very intelligent birds, Corvids, who are clever, can imitate many other sounds, and solve puzzles. The day that several arrived on my apple tree, got my attention by caw caw! then said as plain as day, "hello?!" was to me the same blessing as pretty birds are to some. They come back and are very gentle, they eat hard boiled eggs, peanuts, and cooked chicken, and dunk them in the birdbath. One made an eggdrop soup out of it (I had to put boiling water, it was 15 below, it didn't stay hot long!) They hold an intelligence to the level of roughly a 3 year old child. And... they chase off the hawks that will prey upon your songbirds at feeders. So be kind to the dark beauties, they have a place here for us in their hearts too.

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