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It seems to me that you haveIt seems to me that you have some rather extreme anger issues when it comes to astrology, and even astronomy. That is your choice, and you are welcome to it. Let us, then, simply agree to disagree and leave it at that. I think we've danced long enough, and there really isn't much left to add. So you go ahead and consider the first day of Spring to be whenever the weather suits and the flowers happen to bloom in your particular area, and I'll continue to use the equinox as the sign post that serves as the harbinger of Spring in my part of the world. I am curious about one other point. If, as so often happens here in the lower Midwest, the flowers happen to bloom one week, with the leaves coming on and the birds singing, then the next week we get hit with, say, three inches of snow and some ice, does that mean it's suddenly Winter again? Do the seasons just switch back and forth in your part of the world, sort of like an Ed Wood movie, where within an hour it can be day time, then switch to night, and then suddenly switch back to day time again?

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