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I have several differentI have several different Elephant Ears planted in the ground as well as a Huge Hydrangea. I am trying to help my sister with transplanting the elephant ears and was needed the best instructions to do the process (In pots/in ground) Also the money grass. The biggest questions is there any way to get cuttings from the one plant. I was a flower we had placed on my grandmother grave for easter 1 year and my sister was her favorite. It's at least 3.5' tall and probably 5' wide. She really wanted to put some of this particular Hydrangea at her house. ??? Also another plant from my other grandmother, it's a peace plant??? and my mom(Her mother) also wants cuttings from this and we have tried several times in the past and never have been successful. Any solutions to this. I have transplanted this 3 times since my grandmother passed and has totally grown 4' ft in the post of course and mom really wants to start some of this at her house. I would really appreciate your help with these as I DO NOT have a green thumb what so ever. Thanks Desperate to share sentimental plants and shrubs. Suzie

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