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very large subject for yearsvery large subject for years my family has used a predescribed calander from shoprite-than I began to have questions concerning what I was doing and my show of or privacy for prayer-celebrations etc-according to month it is nisan exodus-12for years we had no lamb Christ being the lamb we used unleaved flour for the body and fruit of the vine for the cup of the new an everlasting covenant-according to the moon this became another question new moon I was told the first cresent so for years-than I thought when is a house a new house when I put the first 2x4 up or the last shingle?am I a new born when conceived or born?so when the moon is in dark and at each phase it is working toward new at full which was march 17th between12am an 1am and reigned until the same on the 18th-now remember genesis 1v5 evening and morning so actually it was the 18th an 19th and I set aside the flour an wine and today I set aside even the water for the bread/body-your ? my answer Passover april 1st than 7days of unleaved bread enjoy and be on the look out for the unity of his spirit with confirmation in the heavens

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