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Spring Equinox is Persian /Spring Equinox is Persian / Iranian news year. It marks the official new year celebrations in Iran. All of Iranian peoples (Kurds, Georgians, Armenians, Croats, Persians etc.)celebrate this day. This celebration has at least been celebrated for more than 4500 years. Its is a Pre-Islamic tradition of Iranian nations an Indo-European (Aryan) tradition relating to Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism.. (pre-islamic religion of Iran before the savage invasion of Arabs and forcing the Iranians to accept islam by the sword...) This tradition is everything that's is the Opposite of Islam and Arab culture.. Thus Iranian people have celebrated it as a mark of Iranian Ethnic, cultural identity. The Spring Equinox or Newruz celebration as the Persians call it meaning the New Day, goes on for two weeks and on the thirteenth day all families go out to picnic (this is April fool’s day..) They grow wheat as mark of regrowth and colour eggs etc. This tradition also belongs to Nordic European people as well (Celtic, Saxon..), but the Persian/ Iranian nation is the only nation which has saved and kept this old Indo-European tradition.

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