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Dahlia's do not do well inDahlia's do not do well in pots unless they are big pots. They need at least 12' diameter of loose soil to grow properly and healthy, meaning 12" diameter at 8 to 10" deep, not just 12" diameter at the top of pot. If grown in small diameter you will get thick stem but only one or two and low flower productivity. Loose soil is important, hard pack soil is terrible for these flowers, not too much nitrogen either. They say you need to dig up every year, I find I get 3 to 5 years per plant and they keep producing without digging up as long as soil is loose and not hard pack. Best to grow in ground but remember, do not choke their room off underground, If you have hard clay dig a hole at least 12" deep and 12" diameter to the bottom and fill with good loose topsoil.

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