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I'm so sad right now. We areI'm so sad right now. We are 1st time chicken owners and last night, we had a casualty. We had 5 (7-week-old) and 1 (5-week-old) chicks in our backyard coop that were as happy, friendly, and trusting as can be. We let them out to free range and our neighbor's dog dug under the fence and killed 3 of my girls. This was in the middle of the afternoon! One of them is injured, one is okay (just traumatized) and one is still missing. We also have 2 (2-week-old) baby chicks that we keep indoors for the time being. I am keeping the injured (7-week-old) separate until she heals, but I put the other older chick with the babies (indoors). The little 2 week old chicks seem to be pecking at the bigger chick! Not, too badly, I'm keeping an eye on them all. My question is this: What kind of arrangements should I be making? Do I put them all outside in the coop now? or do i keep them indoors for a while longer? I want to go get more chicks, but the ones at the store are 5 days old and would need to be separate, but for how long? should I even bother getting more chicks? I'm so confused and heartbroken.

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