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I have used Pet Alive DetoxI have used Pet Alive Detox Plus formula for my one cat, who is neutered, but in summer often gets in spats and ends up either with an abcess or one time, I felt some large tumor like growths on him; I was scared at 1st thinking the C word-I gave him the Detox formula as directed and they went away. I am thinking now it could have been internal abcesses & my budget would have been too small for major vet intervention, anyway. The thing for me was to keep giving the remedy for several days after I could no longer feel the lumps. This has happened twice with this cat & the 1st time, the lumps came back quickly. I believe I did not give him the remedy long enough. Also Pet Alive makes C-caps for any pets who may have been diagnosed with cancer. Just for knowledge-my one cat years ago was savagely bit/mauled by a dog. He had 2 major surgeries from this and several years later developed cancer in the injury area. So I would use the Detox for sure to make sure toxins & such are out of a pet's system. Hope this helps!

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