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Do not live in fear; fearDo not live in fear; fear does not protect-faith does. Our wonderful God who created us and our pets, loves our pets as we do. Pray over you pet. Receive Jesus into your heart. As for IBD, I would personally try using Colloidal Silver orally for your pet. I have a cat who had/has systemic fungal infection and a red growth in his mouth. I have been treating him for awhile but the fungal infection was really showing on his coat. I just about 2wks ago decided to try colloidal silver as it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti a lot of other things. I have been giving him about 1cc a day in a syringe without a needle 2xday & his skin is clearing up magnificently. I have lost at least 2 or 3cats to IBD in the past, now knowing about the colloidal silver then. I really feel this could help a lot. After much research and looking at a comparison chart done by a company not associated with any particular brand, the brand which shows the best ratings is Mesosilver 20 ppm. I usually get it from Colloids for Life-lowest shipping and great service.

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