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Here's what should be in theHere's what should be in the news "1964 U. S. Weather Service Development of Weather Station in Alaska to enhance rain fall across the agricultural belt line of the U. S." Wops! Sorry Mother Nature but, "We at the U.S. Weather Service can do things with the weather that reach up into the jet stream, that humans cannot even see, Science 101, simply elementary science knowledge will suffice it's the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid) Ionization ring any bells with anyone? Air is an excellent electrical insulator, as a child growing up in the 60's reading was a favorite past time, Popular Science even greater some one may find an interesting article once published relating to the subject matter "The Weather" Spark of interest, try looking at how many times the Great Mississippi has Flooded all the way back to St Louis, try looking at the number of tornado's even in ten year cycle's bring that to present day do the math. Enjoy the weather it's a great day.

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