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Just thought I'd chime in toJust thought I'd chime in to let you guys know that I experimented with Dahlia tubers last year here in hot and quite humid Lahaina, in Hawai'i. I planted seven tubers, all in terra cotta pots that were big and deep. I am fascinated by the dinner plate type that produce huge blooms! I staked the pots as I knew they could get tall...low and behold, in 90 or so days, I had Kelvin Floodlight flowers that were as big as my head! Behind that, came the purple, not as big but still beautiful 8" blooms and so on... I left them in the sun all day long, but watered in the early am. and then again early pm. I have since removed all the grass from my front yard and have started 75 plants this year! yup, I am going crazy over "Dahlias"... Aloha!

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