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Esther. Is there any chanceEsther. Is there any chance that we over look the fact that Queen Esther who was Jewish, who married King Ahasurus? of Persia, may have the significance of Purim, associated with "Easter". Accordingly, Purim is celebrated, in commemoration either the 1 st of the month of March, in like manner, honoring and establihing a holiday for the rememberance, and commemoration of the exodus the childewn of Israel out of Egypt, and celebrating the Joyous exoneration of the decree in Persia to set the Jewish people free of hostilities. Purim celebrates the, cleansing, newness of life the rebirth and Sacred Holiness of God's Provision, Intervention and love for His Holy People. I keep thinking in my mind that Esther, rather, that anything else brings into mind like the "Passover" the next Holiday after Passover commemorating the Manna from Heaven-God's provision, would be a day like unto "Purim" in which we see God's provision, manifestation and Intervention, which is the Resurrection of His Holy Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Messiah, on a Holy day like unto the rebirth, cleansing and Sacred Holiness of God's Provision of Manna from Heaven in the Resurrection of His Only Holy Begotten Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I feel Esther truly is associated with Easter fro the reasons mentioned above. While it is interesting to associate and try to assimilate different faiths it is not appropriate to disregard time lines and sequence of events of Scripture. The Story of the Jewish people shows a time line of events and unparallelled history; and remembrance of events was celebrated by establishing Holidays. such as Passover, then hundreds of years later, Purim. Easter, celebrates the continuing timeline of the Resurrection. The story seems to say first separate from "Egypt" a worldly place of sin, Passover- sacrificial lamb, then Purim- consecrate one self in Holiness and righteousness to the Lord, and Resurrect- Re borne, rise again with a new life, with the Life of Christ within you.

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