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Some sources advise burningSome sources advise burning the infected plant materials that were affected with powdery mildew in the same season. Hopefully, you at least cleaned the garden of any infected plants. If you have not yet, do that as soon as you can and avoid shaking any residue that might be infected into this year's garden bed. The spores can overwinter on affected plants and it can fall off as you move plant residue. As for this season, plant resistant varieties for better results. Plant in full sun. Avoid excess fertilizer (hard to know how much for you would be "excess"; follow fertilier guidelines). Provide youor plants with good air circulation; give the adequate (or slightly more) space between each. If you do see signs of powdery mildew returning, prune to remove the infected branches or shoots as soon as you can.  We hope you have a happy harvest this year.

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