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First time gardnerIf anyone has any seeds and tips on how to plant the seeds and would like to donate to me and my husband so we can get our garden started. My husband tilled the area last year and has been trying to fertilized the area with coffee grinds & and left over skins and egg shells. He will re till the area to get the ground ready to plant.We have never grown anything in my lifetime and we have always wanted to grow flowers Veggies and someday get a few trees. I love the Cherry trees and a Willow tree. I am 55 years old and would love to for fill our Dream.Our funds are very low for us this year and the seeds are high priced as well as items to maintain the garden.If you can help us please e-mail me for my address if you can help us out this season. Thank You and God Bless Mary Sharkus

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