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I'm concerned about thisI'm concerned about this disgusting weather the east coast has been cursed with this year. Here in Greensboro, NC it was a long brutal winter and this cool rainy spell we're expecting to start the month of May is NOT welcome in the eastern US, as so many of us are just sick and tired of this miserable weather. It is the last thing we need right now. California needs rain and we need some heat! The effects of El Nino are far less noticeable in the summer than they are in the winter though. However, I do remember summer El Ninos being pretty hot. They can also cause wild weather in North America, especially in the winter.. which probably makes the job of weather experts more interesting :) Lets not forget about the ice storm of 1998 in New England and the monstrous snowstorms that slammed the southeast in the winter of 2010. El Nino is a little boy and we all know how mischievous little boys can be!

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