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I planted I think 9 clumps ofI planted I think 9 clumps of dahlias , in several pots , never doing this before in was confused by different instructions , I did use some small pots but mostly larger one but not huge pots , I read some where where it said about 2 inches of soil on top , then. I watered them , now I read something different ,I shouldn't have watered them , I live in florida on west coast , I used the miracle grow plant soil as down here the soil is sand n I never see flowers in ground mostly grown in pots ! I went to a lot of trouble , but now I'm concerned that I did everything wrong ! I guess I'll just have to wait and see , as I don't want to dig them all up again, I'm a young 75 but I wanted some easy I know I need or will need stakes as they grow high ! Wish me luck n hope I'm doing something right !

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