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I am an amature gardener,I am an amature gardener, first year really trying, and live in an apartment with only a second floor patio. I've planted indoors, in pots several things, including what seems to be pole beans. The seed pack does not specify the type, simply green beans. I planted two of these no more then a month ago and they sprouted literally within two days and now my tallest is at three feet tall and staked. I started acclimating the plants a couple days ago, though here in colorado the weather has not been friendly so I am being slow and delicate with this. The three foot plant is already producing flower bulbs. I really don't want my plant to be taller then 4', tops at 5' and my question is can they be topped off or snipped to prevent more growth (up) without harming the plant or potential yield? Secondly, being only moving into may, should I allow them to flower and try to pollinate each flower by hand to start them bean pods growin or is it far to early in the season, especially with acclimating them? Any help is appreciated and sense I may not see response here, I think my email should be posted with my comment. Happy gardening!

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