Hi Carl, I apologize that

Hi Carl,

I apologize that it's confusing to get your subscription. I too wish we could make this a one-click process, but unfortunately it's not possible at this time because Amazon and Apple are in control of the app download process. I hope the following provides some help. I apologize for the length, I am trying to be as detailed as possible.

Every Monthly Subscription you purchase on our site allows you access to a PDF and a version on your Kindle and iPad. 

In order to access the Monthly on your Kindle device you can either

1) email the PDF to your Kindle device  or

2) download the app and view it within the app. You will need to authenticate your paid subscription. Follow these instructions

To access on your computer...The PDF is located in your MyAccount area

If you forget your password you can recover it from this page too.

Here's what it looks like when you sign-in. Just click on the monthly issue and it should load in your browser OR right-click and SAVE LINK AS will save the PDF file to your desktop.