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I'm a 21 female who's lastI'm a 21 female who's last name is Sullivan and are full celtic which I just recently discovered, but I have always been attracted the nature and all its surroundings. It has always made me feel alive andand quite different only because I would always occupy myself with what Mother Earth gave us :). But I invited faerys to be free and safe to live but only with pure heart and pure intentions with all love,and also I started to sing from my heart!feeling like snow white :) and birds,all air totems and other animals come to me!All the time! It's mostly the wren, mockingbird,woodpecker even a huge blue bird that I have no idea what it is but was speechless for it was only once.. and red cardinal.A hawk ALWAYS is seen soaring high above me at random times of the day!These are all meanings, I just wish I knew more!?.. plus I wake up with hoof prints and little foot tracks along with 3 and a half long hands with 4 fingers scratching on the dirt by my door,might I add I have a 'blasted oak' about 6 feet from my door that happened around February of this year and electrocuted our power box! That is what started a nack on the Fae. but then I found out I'm a hundred percent irish and caught up on what I've always needed to know about my heritage and remember what eas!. But if anyone can tell me what and why these hoof prints and little hand prints and scratching marks?? What is it they want? any yes I was giving honey as an offering to the fae to hopefully see them or just to be around life with them!.. BUT PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT THESE HUGE HOOF PRINTS THAT ONLY WALK AT NIGHT, OH AND LONG BLACK ANIMAL HAIR HAS BEEN FOUND WHERE THE PRINTS WERE more than once..

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