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Hello, I have a couple ofHello, I have a couple of questions please. I have a bed about 5*40, two good size rows. It gets direct sunlight from around 1030 until around 230. I live in south Alabama and it gets very hot. Would you think potatoes would do good there? Also, I added about one bag(2cu ft) of soil w/ manure in while tilling, to give the soil just a touch of fertilizer. But I see you recommend not to use it. This was not pure manure and only one mixed bad to a 5*40 plot. Do you think this will be safe for potatoes? I am planting now and trying to find out what would work good there. I have another garden spot 30*27, absolutely full sun that is planned and ready to plant, actually will be starting on it late today or in the morning. Here is a link to my garden on Pinterest. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/330381322636938094/ Thank you for your advice, Mary

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