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Assalamualaikum, m alsoAssalamualaikum, m also reverted towards islam bt 4,5 years ago... So answer of ur query is as u r a guy so u hv to go to mosque bcz it should be with jamaa't... Nd u hv to complete the whole quran in 30 days by listening imaam or by urself... So if u r a hafiz then only u can do it by urself otherwise u hv to listen the whole quran.... And authentically its 11 rakaa'ts of taraweeh per day... If u wnt to cmplete quran by urself then u cn recite quran nt in traweeh bt in.the other time as much as u can... A girl also should do like ths by listening or by herself... Bt in india there is no much mosques available fr girls so they cn perform taraweeh at home whatever surah they remember... Nd if smbdy cn then she should cmplete quran by herself by reciting nt ny compulsion bcz u hv to understand the quraan nt jst reading it... As compulsion is nt fr u as well, as much as u cn then recite nd understand quran bt fr taraweeh u hv to perform it with jamaat anywhere in mosque or ny where...

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