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All the bshing is quiteAll the bshing is quite rediculous, when you take into consideration that a root cellar nowadays is typically used for winter storage of garden goods! It's not like anyone is going to try and refrigerate their milk in it during the summer months! In the summer, a typical root cellar would become an 'ice-house' if the family could afford the ice (brought in from frozen lakes in the spring). Most will eat their produce by spring, thereby leaving the root cellar for storing of 'canned' goods until used up. By fall a new crop of produce will be ready to store for the winter. Common sense goes a long way when considering what food you will can, vs. what food you will store raw. I would suggest eating the raw, fresh produce first (to prevent spiolage and then eat the items you have canned during the following summer months. Most produce will not make it through the winter and summer in any type of storage except a freezer.

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