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Hi Tanmay, I agree with theHi Tanmay, I agree with the other person who suggested that they may need to be de-wormed. Puppies of this age, especially on the street, can pick up parasites which lead to these kinds of symptoms. If they don't have worms, the treatment won;t hurt them. If you can get them at a pet food store or a pharmacy, use de-worming tablets for cats (not for dogs!) and give them the recommended dosage. If you can't get that, get a general de-wormer at the pharmacy although I am forgetting what the name is. Of this general de-wormer (comes in a small box that's white with red lettering) , give them 1/5 mg for three days in a row. Ask for a small plastic syringe in the pharmacy, put the pink liquid in the syringe and stick this gently into the side of their mouths and squirt. Don't push it in so hard that you hurt them or choke them. Just the tip of the syringe has to be in the mouth. if you can't get ay of this, send me your address and I will courier it to you from Delhi. Best luck, Hilda

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