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Ah, yes... this reminds us ofAh, yes... this reminds us of the trials of our recently departed father-in-law Stanley, who grew Stanley plums (and just about everything else under the Sun) in Zone 7a just because ... well, you understand. He had a whole litany of stories about plums (and his figs, too), but the bottom line is this: Coddle your tree. Then coddle it some more. In general, there are two reasons why a blossoming Stanley plum tree won't fruit: (1) Weather stress/damage. Even though it has flowered, there may be inherent damage from frost or cold that remains. Or, it may be stressed from wind or abrupt changes of some sort. So think of it as a little baby, and give it water, a little food, and Sun, but watch over it and protect it from everything else. (2) Professor Plum's #2 reason, as our Stanley once learned, is this: It's not a Stanley plum at all, but a flowering plum or non-self-pollinating type. Sorry: Our Stanley would never forgive us if we didn't bring this up. So, continue to be patient ... and show the love!

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