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When planting my potatoes; IWhen planting my potatoes; I wished I had made notes. I did forget which end goes up or down... after reading other gardening forums- I planted my potatoes in cheap laundry baskets (eliminating the need to punch holes). I do find a large laundry basket with a smaller frame (did find one at the local dollar store); better as far as soil not seeping through. Unfortunately, due to poor soil conditions and inability to continue adding soil as the plants grow - I am worried. I do have some healthy looking potato plants coming out of my baskets. (Hooray!). But if your cheap laundry basket is small; then I guess once it is filled, will need to wait for the fruits of labor. :) I am small family of 3 right now: whatever I get out of my garden, I am happy with. New Gardener.

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