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I have had problems with myI have had problems with my corn and my broccoli. 1st the corn; I grow corn in 15 foot rows 12- 18 inches apart and I have one section where the rows are a total of three rows spread a total of ten ft wide. I have another section of two rows two feet apart 12ft long and 12-18 inches apart. some of the corn stop growing at about four feet and start producing silk. this in turn leads to small ears. on two rows that are 15ft long, the rows are approx. 2 1/2 feet wide so I therefore make two rows within the one row. some corn grows to full ht and some don't. what am I doing wrong. now to my broccoli. I grow broccoli all the time and this is the first time where I bought the plants already growing; about 6inches high. I planted them 18 inches apart in three rows 7 feet long. that are 2 1/2 feet apart (a total of fifteen plants. this year they started sprouting heads when the plants were only 1-2 feet tall and the heads never really matured, the heads started spreading out and budding when the plants were only 2 feet tall. what did I do wrong? I know you are busy so I will wait for your response with that in mind and will be patient in your answers. please email me with the answer if possible. Thanks Gayle

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