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Hello Karen, I am not sureHello Karen, I am not sure when you asked the question, but I can help with an answer about storage. In order for potatoes to be stored for several months, the skin must be thicker than new potatoes. To ensure a thicker skin, stop watering the plants once they turn yellow and start dying. Wait to harvest for 2 weeks after you stop watering to allow skins to thicken. If you live in a rainy area, like I do, cover the top of the cans when it's raining so the soil stays dry. If you want new potatoes, with thin skin, harvest one can and let the others dry out for 2 weeks. Then you can store potatoes in a cool dry place for upwards of 3 months. As far as staggering the planting schedule, I am not sure, but would assume that this would merely decrease growing time, in turn, decreasing the yield. -Tracy

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