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Here's a (two-fingered)Here's a (two-fingered) salute to you, Pack 140! Thanks for checkin' in. We were in Den 3, Pack 254, back in the day, but there were only about 15 stars on the flag then, wethinks. Yes, a flag at half-mast does have to come in during inclement weather. But did you know that this isn't always necessarily true? The reason the U.S. flag needs to come in during bad weather is not so that it doesn't get wet -- it's so that it doesn't get damaged. So if you have a rugged, weather-resistant flag, it's OK to fly it in the rain (but be prepared to answer questions!). Incidentally, the reason the flag needs to be lit at night has nothing to do with night and day and the clock, but rather with darkness. Thus, if it gets really dark and black outside during a storm, you need to light up your weather-resistant flag. There! We've done our best to do our duty to Pack 140 and our country, and to help other people (if you know what we mean ;) ).

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