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Hello there. I was wonderingHello there. I was wondering if I could trouble you for some advice. I am attempting to grow flowers for my friends wedding and need all the help i can get. i bought dahlias from a local farm. They were in four packs and were about one 1/2 feet-2 feet tall and some were just starting to bloom. I am reading that you have to plant dahlias two feet apart at least. Is this true for the dahlias I bought, or is this more when you start them from tubers.... I have two options. One is a raised bed which is only about four feet by four feet and seven inches deep. The other is to plant dahlias in five gallon buckets. I was thinking one to each bucket though right now that seems insane to me. If I used the raised bed I'd space them about a foot apart, but don't want to crowd them. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated. I would like to at least have some flowers as filler for the wedding.

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