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SORT OF im relieved to seeSORT OF im relieved to see your post , as i searched for others comments/videos/observations etc anything regarding the shower. We are located in S. Idaho , drove for several hours into the dark desert where viewing would have been perfect, we were there from 11:30pm-5am, i personally saw two, the funny thing is it was right when we were feuling up in the city lol surrounded by lights! and it was quite big semi slow moving but bright, we drove out immediatley very excited to see more, on the way out at about midnight there was one more small one. then for the entire night we didnt get anything except some gnarly neck cramps :-/. so thats the report from me from idaho, quite bummed about it but atleast i saw one good one. (but in the city!?LOL)hoping for a good sky show again soon! thanks for your post :) ive been very curious about other view points all weekend, has anyone else in Florida claimed to see any since youve posted?

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