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Ihave 2 tomatoe plants in 2Ihave 2 tomatoe plants in 2 separate pots with a little old fashioned way with some tin foel on the stem and every now and then I sprinkle used coffee grinds around the plant and a tiny bit on top...with it being in an old flower pot do I still need to keep it watered everyday or stick my finger down in the soil and make sure its still moistened?? And I don't keep it in the sun all what and if I have done anything wrong please let me know cause I sure want them to do well!! I used to know from being on a farm what to do...but I have had brain surgery and I hope that I am doing it like my grandmother taught me...but not real sure..have had them planted 1 week if I need to change I believe the time is to do it....So Please help me out and let me know..thanks for being my almanac since I was shown it to me by grandmama!!your help is always appreciated!! Thanks ....Pam

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