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Folks.....there is some badFolks.....there is some bad news out there. Check out on YouTube "What in the World Are They Spraying?" Or...."Look Up". We are being bombarded by "Chemtrails" (Geo-Engineering") which is making our souls turn alkaline. I have lost almost all my valley Locust Trees, the Oregon Grape isn't happy and don't know why the Pines are dying. Nobody hardly knows. Look into it......we have to stop this! Planes fly over leaving white stripes that spread out and cover our skies.....leaving aluminum, barium and strontium (reports even of flouride) in out soil and water. Spread the word, tell your government to STOP!! Its global.....sinister. They say its for Global warming, but it actually keeps the heat at night like a blanket. Monsanto has applied for a patent of Aluminum and Drought resistant seeds. They are manipulating the weather! Sorry for the bad news.....

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