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My kids and I startedMy kids and I started zucchini indoors because we had an unusually long winter. Within a couple of days of sowing the seeds, seedlings emerged. Not only were we surprised they came out so quickly, we were surprised to find mushrooms growing in the containers as well. The mushrooms are no longer as prolific as there were initially and the zucchini plants are huge and look healthy and we are going to plant them outdoors. Is there any possibility that the wild mushrooms contaminated the zucchini? Will it be safe to eat the zucchini? Have no idea what kind of mushrooms they were - some looked like little tadpoles standing up some had flat lacy tops on thin stalks - they’re were all skinny and I pulled some of them out and tossed them. We used a Miracle Grow potting mix that is supposed to be suitable for vegetables and we are assuming the mushrooms were somehow already in the soil mix. Obviously we are not experts at gardening. Appreciate your advice. Thank you.

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