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Mystery plant that turned inMystery plant that turned in to many plants. Sounds similar to what you are talking about. I do not however know the name of it. Did you ever find out what it's called? To give you a better idea of my plant(s); I got a piece of this one out of a pot someone had that had hundreds of them, but she didn't know what they were called. I planted it @ my home and it has grown to approx. 4ft. tall. It looks like a succulent of some type w/ bundles of leaves that cluster in a flower shape going up the plant. Each leaf (I guess you would call it a leaf) has about 70 tiny green & black seeds that outline the leaf. The little seeds fall off very easily and wherever they fall a new flower shape cluster starts to grow! It's really cool. They even grow in my other potted plants outside and I end up with close to, if not over 100 little flower shaped plants. They even grow out of the tiny cracks in the cement on the walls of my stairs! Somehow the little seeds just fall off, land somewhere and start to grow! "The stalks are kind of thick and seem strong. People ask me: "how is that plant standing up so tall!" It just grows, no stake needed to hold it up; though it looks almost impossible it's standing that tall without something to hold it up. I have 2 that are tall like that, just growing like they are headed to the sky & in small pots too! everyone that sees it wants to know what kind of plant it is...but I don't know! I really wish I knew. I have so many of them. The roots come up so easily... I just say "oh, you like it!?" "Here take one!". My sister in law said it looked pre-historic! Honestly, I would be kinda afraid to give it miracle grow...it may take over my entire yard! Any help finding out what this plant is called would be very much appreciated. Thanks! -Maddie

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