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Hi there! We seem to haveHi there! We seem to have accidentally planted potatoes! I put some old ones in a compost pile on top of the ground, thinking they were dead and would just decompose, but they started sprouting up unexpectedly. I had already planned to build a raised bed next to where they sprouted, so I did, trying to not disturb the plants. Also, since the plants were growing almost entirely above ground, I thought it would be good to cover the bottom part with some soil (I guess this would be considered hilling?). Now, part of the plant has started to die. I'm not sure if I disturbed some roots or covered with too much soil or what. I think the plant was at least 6 inches high when I added the dirt, but I'm also not sure exactly. Any suggestions on what to do at this point, or if I should just let them do their thing? Oh, and I haven't planted the raised bed yet, in case that matters (but it is staying put, lol).

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