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Hi, my neighbor tossed aHi, my neighbor tossed a bunch of potatoes that were sprouting roots into a flower bed about 10 weeks ago. He didnt bury them and they sprouted nicely anyway. So, he got anxious and dug the tubers up this evening. Surprisingly, there were actually some good sized tubers along with some tiny ones. He gave them all to me to cook. I decided to wash one and toss it into the microwave to make a baked potatoe. The potatoe seemed excessively hard when I cooked it the regular amount of time, so I cooked it longer. It never seemed to cook right. It never got soft. It was tough and really watery inside. It tasted kind of sweet. I don't quite get what's wrong with these potatoes. I made a second one and the same thing happened. There are green areas as well. Also note that the stems and leaves were still very green and not drying up at all.

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