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I had a hen who was settingI had a hen who was setting on 7 eggs. 5 of them hatched just fine, but my husband noticed the other 2 only had small cracks in them. Rather than leaving them alone he decided to finish cracking the shells. One of them died a short time later, but the other one I have pretty much treated like a new born child the last 48 hours. I have became very fond of this Lil one and do notwant it to die. It will not eat on its own and only scoots around rather than walking. Can u please tell me what I can do to save my baby. This is very important to me. I will do anything I have to in order to keep it alive. U can call me 24/7 with any advice. I just don't want it to be to late. (573) 915-1179. Please help me ASAP.

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