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Hi, Michele: We had toHi, Michele: We had to consult with Professor Plum on this one because you have rolled up a lot of good questions into just a few sentences! We can't get into shopping advice here, which is good because there are some big question marks, like who is "this guy"?, did you see him get the seedlings from his yard?, are the plums really good to begin with?, is he selling root upshoots (suckers) or real seedlings?, and how much does he want for them? Most good trees come from grafting a known producer onto a new rootstock, so starting from the ground up is often an adventure. Assuming that he does not want much for these, we might take one just for the fun of it to see what happens. Then again, we could go buy some plums and follow the directions in the forum below get some seeds from them and start from there. Plus, we would have the enjoyment of eating the plums. Or, we could do both. Professor Plum is either nodding his head in agreement or nodding off. Good luck!

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