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The container soundsThe container sounds fine--place it in full sun, and keep up with the watering (chives like good drainage, but don't like to be dry for long periods). If you live in a cold climate and want the chives to survive the winter, you'll need to bring the container inside in fall--place in an unheated area, such as a garage. Check the instructions on your brand of corn gluten--this acts also as a pre-emergent herbicide, and it is recommended usually that you don't apply it until after your plant seeds have germinated. If you are using chive transplants, they won't be affected. Corn gluten meal on its own has only nitrogen (about 9-0-0); some products will also have other things, like kelp, added which adds a little phosphorus and potassium. It's recommended not to over-fertilize chives, or it will make the flavor less intense.

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