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I have planted bush blue lakeI have planted bush blue lake beans in raised beds. The plants are a deep green, lush and look healthy except that when I went out to pick beans today for the first time, most of the plants have white areas on the stems and pods, occasionally on a leaf hear and there. These white areas are dime to nickel size and are not fuzzy like mold. They are more like spongy looking. When I soak the beans in water with white vinegar to "clean" them, the white stuff comes off, for the most part, and floats to the top. We live in central Alabama so we have a lot of rain this time of year and high humidity. This doesn't sound like the white mold descriptions I've been reading so any idea what this is and if the beans are still edible or do I need to throw them out? Pull out the plants? I'm new to gardening so I need all the help from knowledgeable folks I can get. Thank you.

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