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2 corrections : IF CANNOT2 corrections : IF CANNOT FAST, then you can DONATE the food during RAMADAN(Before EID Begins) EID! Also, I found out, those that live where it is Dark/Light for months at a time, are to OBSERVE Fasting Schedule, of CLOSEST State or Country that has 'Regular' SUN & MOON 'Rising/Setting . AsSalaamuAlaikum !Those Muslims who are ABLE, get out at NIGHT (With Children ALSO)and START looking at MOON Phases, EACH MONTH, KEEP COUNT of DAYS. Look up on internet "Moon Phase" site and LEARN the Proper words for the various STAGES of MOON. See where the MOON/SUN 'Rise' and 'SET', in the different parts of the sky each season (They DO CHANGE). Make IT FUN ,but learning!

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