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I born into a muslim familyI born into a muslim family but since I did not grow up within the family I never had the chance to really practice the religion. I gravitated to Christianity but for a while now I have felt spiritually unsatisfied and everything within me wants to know and practice the Islamic faith. However, everytime I look for information on learning the faith properly, I am completely overwhelmed by the Arabic words, traditions, what to do and when and I am afraid I cannot do this. Ramadan is just a few days away and I read all the comments of what people are preparing to do (going to the mosque, reading the Qu'ran) and I feel so inadequate and unprepared that I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew. I do not have a mosque thereby that I can go to and my work schedule would not even permit me it there was one close by. Am completely alone in feeling this way or are there others out there like me and what have they done to remedy the situation and what can I do? Please help me!

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