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Hi Jenny. I grow sunflowersHi Jenny. I grow sunflowers every summer here in Richmond, Virginia USA. The heat and humidity of our summers is tough on sunflowers unlike your wonderful location of Ontario. I've always heard that you can stagger planting of sunflowers (like 3 weeks apart or so) so you have them coming up well into the Fall. I have so many seeds I'm putting in more now even though it's extremely hot (I always overseed like crazy and then thin them). I say by all means plant them. In my experience when conditions are less than ideal my sunflowers just produce flowers early but don't reach full height. It's as though they are determined to have offspring (seed heads) before their demise. So plant! Yes! You'll have more seeds to collect for next year, too. Regards, and I wish I were in Ontario. I lOVE Canada, though I've only spent time in British Columbia. –Pam

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