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AsSalam walikum, Go onto u rAsSalam walikum, Go onto u r Internet and type Guide us tv.com or you tube it. Sheik Yusuf Estes,an American born who converted 2 Islam and became a sheik and scholar, he will help u. He advertises his personal phone number. They also have a portion on their website,the live part, where u can ask questions and he or his assistant will answer all and any questions u might have. PLEASE my brother/sister don't worry, with Ya Allah there are no worries. Inshallah, I as well converted into Islam and it's 1 step at a time. Like a new born baby. Allhamdulliah, u found ur way back because Ya Allah wants u 2 come back home. Happy Ramadan. Any other info look up on the Internet 2 get ur fasting times and prayer times of our city, state down. Look around and may Ya Allah open ur eyes to find the nearest Masjid. I believe the Allah knows best 4 he has already opened up ur heart, soul and mind. Half the battle is won. C that was simple. Welcome back my brother/sister, we surely missed you. Any Islamic books u want Sheik Yusuf Estes will help. Get the Holy Queen in Arabic WITH ENGLISH translation. That's what I have and it is awesome. .. AsSalam walikum.

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