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SALAM ALAIKOM So the ramadanSALAM ALAIKOM So the ramadan start inshaullah all Muslim (suni and shai) around the world will take this opportunity to reestablish their closeness to Allah, forget what happened in the past and look for a better future, respecting every single person of the community from elder to children, from Christian to bodist. But it is not clear for most Muslin that the should have this responsibilities all 12 months, not only ramadan. The tension between (Suni and Shai) in Iraq and Syria is not what we have to do we should make a strong bond, using this holly month we can do more than praying inside the mosques. If we can't change ourselves from the ideologies of converting all the world into(suni and Shai), how could possibly we change our children future and where will be get to. it is the time to act, come together whether if you are Suni or Shai whether if you pray five times a day or three time. Lets Make decision of our future ourselves not, others, seek help from our brothers or sisters not foreigners. At the end lets make this happen, there are already Muslims men and women severely damaged. people can't simply afford to loss any more member of their family. Muslims lives are in crises lets help those how need our support, come together, whether if you are Suni or Shai, black or white. but at the end of the day we are all the same family. Thank you.

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