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Dear Rajeev. why should IDear Rajeev. why should I read a book that come Mahabharata that talks about war..should I read the itself u guys don't know who is your God. the Aryan came from east asia and stayed in Pakistan before invading india...the excavation work at the saraswati river shows where they came from. or do u want me to read the first there were 8000 shlokas now there are over 100,000 where do they come from. The word Hindu itself is not in the vedas but it referred to what is now Pakistan...but it is the british who called u hindus which comes from the waord al hind...In vedas the only close word is sindu..ur religion is called Vedic dharma or sanatana dharma...please go read ur own history before telling muslims what they should do. may be u should read the athur veda which talks about sorcery and black magic. or tell us why hindus are still committing infanticide..the kill the foetus as soon as the couple finds that its a girl....

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