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There are always two types ofThere are always two types of benefits to every deed a muslim does. First is of this life and second benefit is of the life after this one. You will get the benefit of this life only. I would like to add that whatever you do in Ramadhan is for yourself. All your fasting, nights of worship, prayers and self control is to please Allah Swt. So if you do not believe in Him then all your offerings are in vain. Your friend has nothing to do with your fasting. Same is the case for me. When I fast, I do not do it to show it to my mother , father. Bro, sis, etc. I would request u to remove from your mind that you will be helping him by fasting alongside him. The only good thing that will come from you fasting is the scientific benefit of fasting, feeding the poor and self control. For any queries: madeyedexter92@gmail.com

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