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Dear all ( Muslims andDear all ( Muslims and non-Muslims), Islam is the simplest but the most misunderstood religion particularly in the West. Just read Quran with translation in any language you like and try to figure our for your own life what is the message of Allah ( God - our creator) for all of us. Simply - Live a good life full of good deeds, mercy and kindness towards all and always do the right thing. By living such a life, every person can achieve peace, contentment and happiness and become a useful person for everyone else in this world. In Islam, God wants you to be good to others always throughout your life so that people miss you for your good deeds when you leave this world one day. May God give us all wisdom, guidance and ability to lead a good life for the rest of our lives. The blessings of Ramadan bring muslims even closer to God. So practice Ramadan in order to live a wonderful life - so that whoever sees you and meets you, will find you a person worth respecting and following. We all want to live in a society/country/community of good people. That is the mission of Islam: create a world of good people. My sincerest prayers are with you and please keep me in your good prayers! MJK

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