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Dear Rajeev, I can understandDear Rajeev, I can understand from your comment that you are not sure with your own PATH. Otherwise you wont say "Buddhism or Hinduism". Or simply your motive is to distract Muslims away from Islam. Also if you are that sure can you tell me how many times you have read the Vedas/Ramayana/Mahabharata ?? Try to answer this question without Cheating yourself. Try reading them and understand what is written in them. After you got the knowledge in those scriptures, Read Quran (Translation in your local language is OK). Understand the Differences between them. You can even try Bible and other Religions Holy Books. But i am sure that if you are genuine in doing so, you will be able to see that Quran is the true message from God. I am not challenging you but this is a challenge from God Himself. Be Honest. May Allah Guide You. Swalih Mohammed If you need any help : I am also from India.

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